Chrysler Capital

Client Name: Chrysler Capital

Project Type: Payment Portal UX/UI

Specialties Used:

Project Overview

While employed at Santander Bank/Chrysler Capital, I managed the front-end of the secure Payment Portal (MyAccount). Concealed behind a login, this secure site was the site where you paid your car payment and managed any Account Settings or details as it related to your account. This went through two front-end and back-end rebuilds during this time, and on the second front-end redesign and build, I worked closely to build and design the user experience within the confines of the design system for each of the three brands. Once this was approved by all of the shareholders, I worked within the team who created the prototypes and eventually the actual HTML/CSS and Javascript that would make up the front-end. Once applied to the site, I also worked to troubleshoot any issues prior to and after deploying this to the live environment.