Hello! I am Josh Wright, a 15+ year professional, senior-level web developer specializing in solving problems through the medium of the Internet. I built my first website in high school and this propelled my discovery of development into a career of working with incredible clients and winning industry awards at a local and regional level. I have enjoyed growth alongside the internet itself has evolved into a part of our everyday lives and I look positively forward to its future growth.

If you chat with leaders and peers that I have worked work, I am known as an internal thought leader, a defender of best practices, thinking/working smarter not harder, building and designing it right the first time, and champion of the best way forward for the client, the scope, and the budget.

Prior to my current work at Robert Half, I managed a marketing agency development team (of both on-site and remote developers), where I built custom (non-templated) websites using WordPress from start to finish, wrote and deployed team processes, consolidated web technologies for efficiency in work and cost, and guided the department toward a more efficiently operated team.

In my spare time, I spend time with my family and friends, celebrating great music, riding my bicycle, enjoying craft beers, finding great dive bars, expressing myself via my love of painting and drawing, and seeking out extraordinary out there amongst the stars.

Josh Wright

Design Mantra

In agreeance with the famous multi-disciplinary product designer, Dieter Rams, I believe:

Design should be innovative, useful, aesthetically pleasing, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, thorough, responsible, and as little design as possible.

Specifically to my career and industry, I have learned that agencies and industries often divide design and web development. No matter what it is, color, code, words, lines, images, visual movement, or advertising – solving problems is design, and I believe with thorough research, thoughtful experience and knowledge, storied understanding, open discussion, and wide-eyed exploration, we can solve anything.

Anything can be possible if we put the work in, rather than simply sit at our desks and work the clock.


  • Bronze Addy Award (2018 – Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival site)
  • Silver Addy Award (2017 – Presbyterian Night Shelter site)
  • Silver Addy Award (2017 – Balcom Agency site)
  • Gold Addy Award (2017 – BallPark Buns email campaign)
  • Bronze Addy Award (2016 – 4k Land and Cattle site)

…and many other Addy awards as a non-lead participant on the project.

Note: These awards were won with previous marketing agencies of which I was employed. I am proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with my past peers and I am excited to share the awards with such great creatives, as voted on by the industry’s best.