Josh Wright

I’m Josh Wright, a multi-disciplinary designer/developer, photographer, and observational writer.

Understanding design and usability are my left and right hand's when it comes to projects and everyone has had to figure out how to put lipstick on a pig before. Working with multitude of industries, I've found my place as a creative problem-solver and team leader charging to the finish line. Building the web to solve problems and help boost a brand or business' reach to it's audience, I have discovered a thrilling joy and satisfaction, striving to leap the tallest buildings with a single bound.

In the past few years, I'm grateful to have received high praise for my work both from industry leaders, past/current clients and the American Advertising Awards (ADDYs), but I feel my best work is still ahead of me.

You can catch me on LinkedIn, Instagram, read my beer blog, or send me an email.


Recent projects I'm proud of:

* Projects with Balcom Agency